Minnesota women among people stuck on a cruise ship docked in Hawaii


The coronavirus is still leaving some Minnesota cruise passengers stranded -- even though there are no reported cases of coronavirus on board.

This time, it's a Holland America ship that's stuck in Hawaii. Wanda Storie and Jan Hughes got on board March 1. But after a few stops, the ship started getting turned away at each of the ports where the ship had scheduled stops -- like Tonga and French Polynesia.

With that, the cruise was cancelled and passengers were told they could disembark in Hawaii.

So far, however, the governor refuses to let anyone off the ship, even the 440 Americans on board.

“I feel like we're being held hostage just because we're on a cruise ship,” said Hughes. “I mean there are people that go through the airports every day that have probably had more contact with people with coronavirus than us. We're being held hostage just because we're on a cruise ship -- that's what's frustrating.”

“Just because, again, the systems have been so poor as far as the internet or any ways of communicating," Storie added.


They do say staff and crew have been great and are doing the best they can. They are allowed to leave the room, as there are no coronavirus cases on board.

They have no idea when they might be able to come home.

Earlier this month, 42 Minnesotans were among thousands on board the Grand Princess ship that were forced to stay in their cabins after a coronavirus outbreak on board.

The passengers were kept out at sea for several days before being allowed to dock in California. It took several more days before everyone was off-board and transported to quarantine locations.