Minnesota teachers share excitement, concerns about heading back to school

FOX 9 sat down with some local teachers to talk about what they’re looking forward to this school year, as well as concerns about COVID-19.

"I think if anything from last year we’ve learned flexibility. It’s kind of holding both truths at the same time – it’s been really hard but we’re also growing because of it," said Leah Soderlund, an English Learning Language Teacher at Pinewood Elementary School in Mounds View.

Dan Olson, a history teacher at Becker High School, said the past year has led many to make alterations.

"I don’t think a teacher could get through last year and not say they haven’t changed the way in which they do their job," he said.

Meanwhile, some teachers said they have concerns about COVID-19 as they head into the school year.

"I just worry about that health factor because I want this to be a great year for a comeback," said Brandi Pottle, a teacher at Maxfield Elementary School in St. Paul.

"I think I’m most nervous about repeating the roller coaster," said Jenny Gruber, also a teacher at Maxfield Elementary School. "I just hope that this year is more consistent. I hope there is more opportunities for us to stay in person to get that deep learning done."

"My first step this year is just to listen. How has the past year and some affected you?" Leah Soderlund added.