Minnesota State Patrol stops drunk driver who was five times over legal limit

Minnesota State Patrol is urging drivers not to take a chance on the roads after a recent drunk driving stop in Edina where officials say the driver had a dangerously high blood-alcohol level.

In a tweet on Saturday, troopers say they stopped a driver on Highway 169 at Highway 62 who was drunk with a child in the vehicle. During tests, troopers say the man blew a .402 BAC on the breathalyzer -- more than five times the legal limit.

According to health experts, blood-alcohol concentration levels above .4 are extremely dangerous and can put some individuals to slip into a coma. It's unclear what medical attention, if any, the driver needed.

"If you are going to drink, stay home or line up a sober ride," wrote the Minnesota State Patrol Twitter account. "Don't put others at risk."