Minnesota sees most active severe weather season since 2010

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The 2016 severe weather season in Minnesota was about on par for the 20 year average across the state which included several hundred high wind reports, about a couple hundred large hail reports, and a few dozen tornadoes.  But considering it was the most active severe weather season in 6 years means it has been pretty quiet around here for a while.  The reports statewide were up 230 from last year totaling 637 across the state.  44 tornadoes were also reported which is slightly above average for overall tornadoes in the northern most tornado alley state, BUT is the most tornadoes we have seen since the record breaking season of 2010 where 145 tornadoes touched down, leading the nation that year, the first time in history.  While the metro had a couple of fairly significant wind events, the year was capped by several damaging tornadoes in the middle of July that damaged dozens of homes and structures from Litchfield to Watkins.

While this year was the most active in a while, it pales in comparison to the several year active streak to start the 21st century.  In fact, 2005 spread nearly twice as many storm reports across the state as this year.  Several other years from 2001 to 2008 also had more than 1000 severe weather reports statewide.  When put into perspective, it sounds like we faired pretty well in 2016.