Minnesota SAE chapter responds to Oklahoma's racist chant

The University of Minnesota's SAE chapter says they're "saddened, disgusted and embarrassed" after members of the University of Oklahoma's chapter were seen in a racist video posted on YouTube late Sunday.

The fraternity's national investigation verified the 10-second video showed a group of men on a charter bus chanting, "There'll never be a [n-word] in SAE." The chant also referenced lynching. The University of Oklahoma shut down the fraternity and its members have been suspended.

"Would I be happy if they left the University as students? You betcha. We don't have room for racists and bigots. Glad if they left," OU President David Boren said at a Monday press conference. Boren's administration is now investigating the incident and a punishment has not been determined. He maintains under his leadership, however, the fraternity will not return to campus.

The Oklahoma Daily, the university's student newspaper, said the paper was tipped off to the video's existence in an e-mail on Sunday, and it was posted on YouTube by a black student group at the university.

University of Minnesota SAE statement

The members of the Minnesota Alpha chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon are saddened, disgusted, and embarrassed by the recent events at the University of Oklahoma. We apologize for the sickening behavior of those in the video, and are disappointed that the values and ideals of so many can be diminished by the sad actions of so few. This event does not represent what Sigma Alpha Epsilon is as a whole.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon teaches its brothers to live in a way consistent with the values expressed in The True Gentleman. The True Gentleman teaches sincerity, sympathy, honor and virtue, and the members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon strive to behave in a way that embodies these noble ideals.

The University of Oklahoma's chapter has been closed and is no longer affiliated with Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Minnesota Alpha supports this response taken by our national governing body, and is proud of our leadership for taking prompt and appropriate action regarding the revolting video.

SAE national response