Minnesota man looks to defend world championship racing on one wheel at 200 m.p.h.

Watching Cecil Myers, who goes by the nickname “Bubba,” on his motorcycle and it is easy to see he has a need for speed.

"Wheelies for me, is just a natural," Myers said of his passion.

Myers fell in love with popping wheelies when he was a young boy and a couple of friends passed his family's station wagon doing them.

"I was like I gotta start doing that. I was hooked ever since then. I thought that was the coolest thing in the world," Myers continued. "Yeah man 150 mile-an-hour wheelies."

The former professional motorcycle racer started entering wheelie competitions a few years ago both on land and on ice.

"It’s pretty cool because since I've been young. I've wanted to be top the chain of the motorcycle rider guys."

Last year Myers became the first American to win the World Wheelie Championship in Evington, England where he performed a death-defying stunt -- poppin’ a wheelie for one kilometer at 206 miles per hour.

"I like to show off and its pretty cool to see the reaction on their face wow that's cool he can do that with a motorcycle."

Myers is now a wheelie god and he hopes things come full circle when he defends his title next month.

"I'm one of the best and I'm going to stay one of the best."

In order to defend his title, however, he needs to raise the money to return overseas in August. To contribute to his cause, visit his GoFundMe page