Burnsville first responders killed: Minnesota lawmakers, law enforcement react

Several Minnesota lawmakers and law enforcement are sharing their reactions and support for the Burnsville police officers and a firefighter-paramedic who were shot and killed Sunday morning

There were at least two officers and one first responder who were killed in the incident, which happened when police were responding to a domestic call. 

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Gov. Tim Walz

Walz released the following statement: "We received horrific news from Burnsville this morning. While responding to a call of a family in danger, two police officers and one firefighter lost their lives, and other officers were injured.

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"We must never take for granted the bravery and sacrifices our first responders make each and every day. Today, the families of these public servants received the call they knew was possible but hoped would never come. My heart is with those grieving families – the State of Minnesota stands ready to support in any way we can. This is a tragic loss for our state.

"Our Department of Public Safety is coordinating with local law enforcement to conduct an investigation." 

Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan

Flanagan released the following statement: "There are no words to describe a loss of this magnitude to our Burnsville and first responder community

"The tragedies that unfolded this morning are every family’s worst nightmare, yet our first responders stay selflessly committed to keeping Minnesotans safe every day. I am immensely grateful for the sacrifices and service of our police officers, firefighters, and medics, and my heart is heavy with grief for the three heroes we lost today."

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar said in a statement on social media, "Learned from police this morning that three officers have been shot in Burnsville. They were doing their jobs. They were protecting our community. John and I are praying for them and their families and the Burnsville P.D. this morning."

U.S. Rep. Angie Craig

U.S. Representative Angie Craig released the following statement: "My heart is broken for the brave officers and first responder lost in the line of duty, their families, the Burnsville Police Department and our entire community. For these public servants, this was just another day delivering on their oath to protect and serve – to keep Minnesotans safe. And now their families – and the city of Burnsville – will never be the same.

"I’ve been in close contact with Burnsville Mayor Elizabeth Kautz, Police Chief Tanya Schwartz and state officials to offer any federal resources or support they need today and in the weeks and months ahead. I’ve also been in touch with the White House to marshal any additional federal resources that may be available.

"I’m horrified to see this kind of violence in our community. Today serves as another solemn reminder that those who protect our communities do so at great personal risk. We must do everything in our power to prevent tragedies like these before they happen and hold violent criminals accountable to the fullest extent of the law."

Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association

In a statement on Sunday, the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association Executive Director Brian Peters said: "We are heartbroken. Our law enforcement community is heartbroken. We’re just devastated at the horrific loss. These heroes leave behind loved ones and a community who will forever remember their bravery and dedication to keeping Minnesotans safe."

Law Enforcement Labor Services (LELS) Executive Director Jim Mortenson said, "Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the officers and first responder who responded to a domestic call this morning. These officers were struck down while answering the call of duty to serve and protect. We mourn alongside the Burnsville community and the families of those killed." 

LELS represents the rank-and-file officers and the supervisors of the Burnsville Police Department.

Burnsville legislators’ statement 

The state legislators representing Burnsville — Sen. Jim Carlson (DFL-Eagan) Sen. Lindsey Port (DFL-Burnsville), Rep. Kaela Berg (DFL-Burnsville), Rep. Jessica Hanson (DFL-Burnsville), and Rep. Liz Reyer (DFL-Eagan) — released the following statement: "Our hearts ache for the first responders who died in the line of duty this morning — three of our neighbors who dedicated their lives to service and keeping our community safe. Officer Paul Elmstrand and Officer Matthew Ruge, Burnsville Police Department, and Adam Finseth, a firefighter and paramedic, were beloved community members, neighbors, and friends, and we are united in grief as we mourn the precious lives that were lost today. We also hold Sergeant Adam Medlicott, who was injured in today’s tragedy, in our thoughts, and wish for him all comfort and support in the world as he is treated for injuries by medical professionals.

"We stand in support of the children and family of those involved in the domestic abuse call and this traumatic incident. These are some of the most dangerous calls that our officers respond to, and we will continue to work in solidarity with survivors and law enforcement as they make our community safer for all of us.

"Burnsville is a place where we take care of each other, lean on our neighbors in times of need, and act together to make our city the best it can be. In the coming day and months, we will draw on the strength and resolve of our community to support the families who lost a loved one in this tragedy. We will rally around our law enforcement and first responders, who show their heroism and strength of spirit every day in their line of work, and who need our support and understanding as they navigate the trauma of these losses. As we move forward as a community, we will hold the memories of Matthew, Paul, and Adam close and honor their lives with the way we live ours: With bravery, integrity, and compassion."

Senate Majority Leader Erin Murphy

Senate Majority leader Erin Murphy (DFL-St. Paul) released the following statement: "My heart is heavy today. For the families grieving the loss of their loved ones, for the Burnsville community, and for public safety officers and first responders across Minnesota, this is a tragic day.  This devastating loss is a reminder that we must never take for granted the sacrifices our police officers and first responders make every day for the people of our state."

Rep. Paul Novotny 

Rep. Paul Novotny (R-Elk River) released the following statement: "This morning, three families received the worst news imaginable. My prayers are with these families, the Burnsville Fire and Police Departments, and all current and former first responders. We must now gather around those impacted by this tragedy and provide them with the support they need during this incredibly difficult time.

"Today’s incident is a sad reminder of the real-life dangers that first responders face daily. As leaders, it is on all of us to help build a culture that respects and values the men and women who have sworn an oath to protect us."

Minneapolis police chief Brian O'Hara

"Please keep Burnsville Police Dept in your prayers this morning," Minneapolis police chief Brian O'Hara said on social media. 

Minnesota Sen. Mark Johnson

"My prayers are with our law enforcement officers, first responders, and Burnsville residents this morning," Minnesota Sen. Mark Johnson said on social media. 

In an emailed statement, Johnson said: "My heart was heavy this morning as I learned two Burnsville police officers and a paramedic were shot and killed in the line of duty. I’m praying for their families, and the full and speedy recovery of other law enforcement who may have been injured and impacted by this incident. 

"I also want to thank the surrounding community agencies who responded to support the Burnsville Police. You are true heroes who knew what you were facing and pressed forward anyway. I was just at law enforcement gathering yesterday and was so impressed at the professionalism and integrity I saw in the faces there. I am incredibly grateful for all you do, knowing that days like today could be any day you put on the badge and uniform. You have my deepest appreciation and respect."

Minnesota Rep. Jim Nash

Minnesota House Minority Whip Rep. Jim Nash said on social media, "My heart is heavy for the families of these officers, the community of Burnsville, and for our country because this headline is not unique."

Metro Transit Police Department

"From Chief @emoralesIII & the entire MTPD: Our hearts are broken. Please join us in keeping @BurnsvillePD in your prayers," the Metro Transit Police Department said on X, formerly known as Twitter.