Minnesota doctor with COVID-19 spends 106 days in own hospital

Dr. Nyan Pyae thought he was going to the hospital, getting some oxygen and coming back home. What resulted, however, is one of the longest hospital stays for a COVID-19 patient in Minnesota at 106 days.

Pyae spent more than three months as a patient at the very hospital where he works, Hennepin Healthcare.

He was battling a virus he thinks he picked up while performing a procedure on a COVID-19 positive patient.

“My condition was up and down,” Pyae told FOX 9. “Good days and bad days. Some days good and then I got worse again.”

He said his twin daughters prayed for him daily as he missed out on birthdays and holidays. He’s a 45-year-old man with no known health conditions and now he hopes to warn others about the realities of the virus.

Dr. Nyan Pyae, of Hennepin Healthcare, spent 106 days at his own hospital with COVID-19 this year.

He also wants to thank frontline workers, his colleagues, who kept him alive.

“I feel like they suffered through my pain at the same time,” Pyae said. “Because all the good days, bad days I’ve been through, everybody in the ICU from critical care attendant to nursing attendant, they can feel my pain as their pain.”