Minnesota delegate crying during Bernie Sanders' speech goes viral

When Bernie Sanders took the stage at the Democratic National Convention Monday night, his speech brought some of his supporters to tears.

But the image of a delegate from Minnesota 'Feeling The Bern' has taken on a life of its own.

"It’s pretty surreal. It’s a combination of emotions, mostly anxiety," Minnesota 8th Congressional District Delegate Sean Kehren said.

Kehren says he was caught up in the moment when he was caught on camera crying at the convention.

He says he was sad the man he supported wasn't getting the nomination, but he was also shedding tears of joy.

"He's got a lot of integrity, so watching a man like that stand up for his convictions but also concede to the person who won the nomination but calling for unity. it was a beautiful thing," Kehren said.

But Kehren's outpouring of emotion and Peter Pan like headwear opened the floodgates to criticism on social media.

Mean memes popped up calling him everything from a crying Bernie Bro to Sad Robin Hood to an example of white privilege.

Kehren says he got his hat at a Sanders rally earlier that day and it represents calls for a "Robin Hood" tax on Wall  Street.

"I think it’s hilarious. The things they are saying are pretty funny. People have made nice memes too. I guess why would I get broken up about something that really doesn't matter," Kehren said.

But the 22-year-old recent Gustavus Adolphus graduate is much more than an internet meme.

The day after he was picked to be a national delegate, he was behind a woman who ran off the road near Sandstone.

Not only did he and two other good samaritans pull the woman from her burning car, he held her hand and followed the ambulance to the hospital so she wouldn't be alone.

"I firmly believe anyone else would have done the same thing," Kehren said.

Kehren's emotional moment may have gotten him noticed at the convention, but he says it’s not something he plans to hang his hat on.

"I guess I can say it feels good but it’s probably going to over pretty soon. It’s not really a big deal and I'm going to continue to live my life like I have."

Kehren says he's been involved in politics since he was in 9th grade.

Even though he is a Sanders delegate, he says he'll vote for Hillary this fall.