Minnesota communities brace for flooding

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With warmer weather on the way concerns for widespread flooding over the next few weeks are becoming imminent in communities across the area.

Some cities are taking proactive approaches now while others, like crews in Jordan, are fighting with multiple ice dams that are causing problems.

Late Sunday afternoon crews worked to break apart a newly formed ice dam on the Hwy. 169 Bridge over Sand Creek that sent water levels surging to the highest peak seen recently, putting some homes in jeopardy.

Hundreds of people have already packed up their belongings and left a Jordan mobile home park because of dangerous water levels.

The creek spiked overnight, peaking at a little over 11 feet, which is the highest level in days.

As temperatures heat up this week we can expect flooding over the next few weeks.

Jordan, Delano, New Ulm, low lying areas in St. Paul and Stillwater are all communities across the area that are bracing for possible record flooding.

Sewers in Stillwater are already getting full as a big stack of sandbags sits off to the side.

Over the next few days the Stillwater Police Department, along with other agencies, will start flood preparations.

Some riverfront parking lots will be closed Tuesday to the public to protect from the expected rising water levels.

Right now, the St. Croix River sits at 77 feet and is anticipated to near flood stage early next week.

Back in Jordan, crews knocked down the ice dam. The water level did go down about 3 feet but many roads there remain too dangerous to drive through so there are a lot of road closures.

13 people still remain at a Red Cross shelter because it's not safe to go back to their homes there.