Minnesota attorney general takes action against landlord who tried to remove tenant during pandemic

Minnesota authorities have taken action against a landlord accused of trying to force out a tenant amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Under protections put into law last month by Governor Tim Walz, evictions and foreclosures were restricted as the pandemic put many people out of work.

However, Ellison says that didn't stop a Pine County, Minnesota landlord from trying to pressure a resident to leave.

According to Ellison, the landlord cut power to the Sandstone, Minnesota apartment and entered the premises without permission. Ellison said the renter was sheltering in place at home because they have a four-year-old child with an underlying condition.

The attorney general is now seeking an emergency order from the court to restore power for the tenant and prevent it from being cut again during the state emergency.

The landlord is also facing a complaint filed by Ellison's office for violating the emergency order. He faces fines up to $25,000 per violation.