Minnesota animal shelter fixes shells after turtles hit by car

It's the time of the year when female turtles are on the move for nesting spots.

Unfortunately, to get to where they're going, some of the turtles cross roads and get hit by passing cars. In a Facebook post, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota says its offices have seen a "nonstop stream of incoming turtles."

As of June 6, the center has seen 47 turtles come in - 30 of which came in just two days. Photos shared by the WRC show vets working to fix shells.

The center writes, "You'd be surprised at what turtles can withstand, and our vets are truly remarkable and putting shells back together. If you see an injured turtle on the side of the road (and you can safely stop), bring it to us. Even if the injuries are too catastrophic for us to repair, at least we can humanely euthanize it so it's not baking in the sun."

Officials are also warning drivers not to put themselves at risk to save a turtle. Instead, they urge you to call the sheriff's office or local police if they see an injured turtle along a busy roadway. They also recommend not moving the turtle to a "safer area" because the reptile will likely just end up crossing more roads to get back to its nest.