Minneapolis to improve downtown traffic flow, add food trucks on weekend

Following recommendations from a recent assessment of downtown Minneapolis’ late-night scene, Minneapolis leaders announced a pilot project that improves traffic flow and adds food trucks as a late-night dining option on weekends. The plan was announced Tuesday morning at a news conference at Fine Line Music Café.

Over the weekend (Oct. 28-30) Traffic control agents and business licensing inspectors will be at designated entry points on Third and Sixth street to make sure only transportation network vehicles, Uber/Lyft, limos, Metro Transit buses and taxis will be allowed to enter the restricted area on First and Hennepin Avenues around bar closing time. The restricted area will be closed to other motorists expect for those leaving the area.

The city says permanent parking restrictions will go into effect starting Friday on Third Street North. Stopping or parking will not be allowed after 11 p.m. on both sides of Third Streets between Hennepin Avenue and 2nd Avenue North Friday through Sunday nights.

“My goal is to ensure that the City is pulling all the levers we can to make sure that everyone who visits Downtown Minneapolis has an inviting and vibrant experience,” said Mayor Betsy Hodges. “We want to have a weekend nighttime experience that works for everyone.”

The project is part of a larger collaboration that includes several downtown stakeholders.

In addition to improving traffic flow, food trucks will also be part of the pilot project weekend.

“Downtown Minneapolis is the entertainment hub of our entire region, and the logistics of tens of thousands of people converging in a small area to have fun can be challenging,” said Steve Cramer, President and CEO of the Minneapolis Downtown Council and Downtown