Minneapolis police work with caterer, nonprofit to serve meals for people in need during pandemic

(FOX 9)

As more people stay home, others are hitting the streets, including a Minneapolis police lieutenant and a nonprofit looking to provide food for those who need it most.

They’re on a mission to deliver thousands of meals with the help of a catering service.

 "Usually [we do] weddings - lots of weddings - company picnics," said Joe Moreno of Kane’s Catering.

Kane's Catering in St. Paul knows how to feed big crowds, and in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, that work isn’t necessarily stopping.

"Today we are doing 100 sandwiches; right now we’ve been doing about 500 a day," added Jason Nanni, who also works for Kane's.

It’s just being done in a different way.

"He said, 'What do you think about doing 10-15,000 box lunches?'" recalled owner George Kane. "I said, 'Yeah, sounds great, my kitchen's wide open.'"

The business is volunteering their time and helping Involve MN, a group that serves those experiencing homelessness - a situation made even harder in a pandemic.

"A lot of the drop-in shelters are not available, there’s not a lot of food banks that are open right now; they are shut down of they’re limiting the number of people in there. This is a huge need," explained Involve MN founder Melanie Snyder.

The goal is 10,000 meals over the next six weeks. Once made, the meals are loaded up and delivered by Melanie Snyder and her husband Lt. Grant Snyder who does homeless outreach with the Minneapolis Police Department.

"The need is super high," said Lt. Snyder.

In a time when the community can feel far away, it’s the simple things that can bring us all a little closer.

"These are quality meals. We’ve had people just ask us again when are they coming back with those sandwiches," said Joy Friedman with MIWRC.

The meals cost about $3 per lunch. Involve MN is funding it all through donations. They say they will do this as long as the need is there.