Minneapolis police patrols increased in Little Earth after six shot

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Minneapolis police are stepping up patrols in the Little Earth community after a shooting Wednesday night sent six people, including at least one juvenile, to the hospital.

The shooting apparently started with a simple argument between two teens, according to people in the Little Earth community. So far, police have arrested three people: a juvenile, Rico Daniel Ray King and Georgina Kellum.

“It is frustrating, ya know, last night’s incident is tragic,” said Minneapolis Third Precinct Inspector Michael Sullivan. “It’s sad, it’s demoralizing, for the community and us.”

Inspector Sullivan says he’s been working hard with community leaders to reduce crime in the neighborhood, which makes last night’s shooting that much worse.

“We just had a meeting with the community and a lot of that criminal element or a lot of the troublemakers per se will be from the outside,” said Inspector Sullivan.

On Thursday, all the crime tape from the night before was replaced with police handing out stickers, riding the streets and through the apartment complexes, making their presence known. But some say it’s still not enough.

“If the officers were really making themselves present, actually walking around instead of scooting around on those scooters, cars, ya know, whatever else to really make themselves present, to say, ‘Hey we’re done we’re having zero toleration of this,’ I think it would be better, ya know,” said Owens Abrams, a former Little Earth resident.

But it’s right at dusk when crime seems to go up. 

“Yeah, it pops off,” said Abrams.  

“That’s where the challenge is for me as a commander to make sure we have staffing here,” said Inspector Sullivan. “That’s our goal is to beef up staffing at what you call that dusk to night time hours.”

Police told Fox 9 possible retaliation is a concern and they are monitoring for it. So far this year, there have been eleven shootings in Little Earth, with six of those happening Wednesday night.

Little Earth of United Tribes statement:

Little Earth of United Tribes offers healing prayers to the victims of last night’s violence. Our community condemns violence in all of its forms. Little Earth of United Tribes is shaken by this tragedy but remains committed to the safety of all Little Earth of United Tribes residents. We have over 500 children living in our community and every day we are working for them and their futures.

Gun violence is a public health issue affecting many communities in our country including Little Earth of United Tribes. We thank the Minneapolis Police Department and 3rd Precinct Inspector Michael Sullivan and his staff for their response. We also thank Mayor Jacob Frey, Chief Medaria Arradondo, City Councilmember Alondra Cano, County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin and State Representative Karen Clark for their outreach to the community.

In response to this event, we have already seen our residents rise up and come together as a community to help one another heal. Little Earth of United Tribes is a cultural community that urban American Indian families are proud to call home. We envision a future free from violence and will not stop working until that is a reality.