Minneapolis Police Federation president, voters react to defeat of police ballot question

The head of the Minneapolis Police Federation is speaking out after the defeat of ballot question #2. There will be no new department of public safety in the state’s largest city.

"There has been this false narrative out there that the Federation is against reform, and that’s not the case at all," Sergeant Sherral Schmidt said.

Schmidt insists it is critical the union get a seat at the table on future conversations around reform, and she adds that they need reinforcements now.

"We’re down 300 officers -- just 282 (officers) patrolling five precincts to handle calls," she said.

In the meantime, voters across the city responded to Tuesday’s results.

"We have to do better. Point blank. We have to do better," Minneapolis barber Billy Hill said.

Barber Billy Hill told FOX 9 that Tuesday’s election was the most talked-about issue inside his shop along East 38th Street since the murder of George Floyd, just blocks away, ignited the movement on racial justice and policing.

Hill preached a message of unity, while others said it was time to put politics aside and tackle the issue of violent crime across Minneapolis.

"Don’t get rid of the police for crying out loud. I can’t believe it even got on the ballot," Minneapolis voter Roberta Hafvenstein said. "With no police, can you imagine? I can’t imagine."

"If we want more peace, we need to do better on all aspects. The police department and the community working together. It’s just not one without the other."

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