Minneapolis ‘parties with purpose' for National Night Out

From south to north Minneapolis, parties weren’t hard to find as neighborhoods participated in National Night Out.

Music, BBQ and fellowship – that’s what was cooking on East 16th street.

Yonova Eason called it a party with a purpose.

“I get to meet everyone, which is a good thing,” said Eason. “I’d like to know who I’m living amongst and I’m sure they would like to know who I am living amongst them.”

Angie Taylor agrees getting to know your neighbor is key.

“They say crime rises if you don’t know who’s around you, so that’s pretty much our goal,” said Taylor.

In the same spirit, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey spent National Night Out block-hopping.

According to the city website, Minneapolis ranked No. 2 for National Night Out last year. Arlington, Texas actually took the top spot last year, for which Frey has a theory.

“It’s one of those competitions that only Minneapolis is really participating in hard, but regardless we’re number one, we’re going with it and we’re proud.”

The event is also aimed at improving the overall quality of life in and around the city all year long.