Minneapolis 'Kitty Hall' event promotes pet adoption

Minneapolis City Hall had a feline invasion Tuesday as Minneapolis Animal Care and Control hosted Kitty Hall, where felines and friends got to take cute, cuddly kittens and elect them into different positions of office.  This is all in an effort to increase awareness about pet adoption and pet licensing.

More than a dozen kittens competed for different awards including elected seats in Minneapolis City Hall, Minneapolis Meow-OR and candidates for Kitty Council President.

"Kitty Hall is a perfect opportunity to talk about the awesome work Minneapolis Animal Care and Control does every day," said Mayor Betsy Hodges.
Attendees were able to elect their favorite feline to office, pose for pictures and even adopt. Those who would like to have a new furry friend in their home are able to pick one up by Wednesday, June 28. Those interested in adoption can visit Animal Control at 212 17th Avenue North in Minneapolis.