Minneapolis encampment clearing delayed again after shooting

The City of Minneapolis announced Friday it would again delay a planned eviction of a troubled encampment, to give residents more time to find housing.

The encampment in the Ventura Village neighborhood, which has been named "Camp Nenookaasi" by advocates, was slated to be cleared on December 15, after dozens of 911 calls and other trouble at the encampment, including the discovery of a dead fetus in October.

However, last Tuesday, the city pushed back the eviction date from December 15 to December 19, to allow more time to find housing for the residents. Hours later, a man was killed in a shooting at the encampment on Tuesday evening.

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On Thursday, advocates for the homeless said about 186 people lived at the encampment. The city says they've already helped 45 people find housing while plans were in the works for another 46 people.

Friday, the city said it would again postpone the eviction date, explaining: "The City continues to monitor and assess the situation at Camp Nenookaasi. The City remains committed to working toward solutions that deescalate tensions and provide pathways for housing for camp residents, so we can safely close the encampment. The City cannot do this work alone. We are looking to partner with Hennepin County, the State of Minnesota, and other social services providers to find options to support community members living at the encampment."

However, city officials made it clear the encampment will ultimately be cleared – despite objections from advocates and even some city council members.

The city's statement concludes: "All of our community members deserve safe and dignified housing. Encampments, especially in winter, do not provide that."