Minneapolis City Council adopts 2024 budget

In a vote Tuesday evening, the Minneapolis City Council adopted the city's 2024 budget.

In recent days, the council has debated amendments to Mayor Jacob Frey’s $1.8 billion spending package, including investments in community safety, climate change, and housing.

In a news release Tuesday night, Frey's office touted victories.

"Through this budget, we're positioning Minneapolis for progress on both courageous, new work and bedrock government service," reads a statement from Frey. "Our residents want a safe community, thriving small and local businesses, actionable progress on the climate crisis, and an affordable place to call home. These are things we can and will deliver on. This budget lays out generational investments in the city we love – for residents who call Minneapolis home today and for those who will call it home years from now. I want to thank our entire budget team for their work on this, especially Chief Financial Officer Dushani Dye and Budget Director Jayne Discenza."

Among the investments in the budget, Frey highlighted:

  • $16 million to help implement the city's federal consent decree, including funds to help bolster the police staff
  • $150,000 to update computer systems for Minneapolis Fire
  • $4 million increase for Minneapolis Public Housing Authority
  • $2 million toward increasing affordable homeownership opportunities and tackling racial disparities in homeownership
  • $10 million for the Minneapolis Climate Legacy Initiative, $4.7 million towards weatherizing all homes in Minneapolis
  • $730,000 to add new electric vehicle charging stations
  • $1.3 million for planning and development of George Floyd Square
  • $2.7 million to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to repair the parkway system

The full budget is available here