Men fishing in Ala. river rescue kittens that swam up to their boat

Photo: Alabama Adventures on YouTube

Two men fishing on the Warrior River in Alabama were shocked with their 'catches' of the day -- two kittens.

"We're out here on the Warrior River, and ya'll are not going to believe what's swimming towards our boat," one of the men says in the video. "A kitten!"

The two fishermen noticed the first kitten swimming toward their boat and started recording. When the kitten got to their boat, one of the friends reaches out and pulls it in. Moments later, they spot another kitten on a nearby bank.

"Oh, there's more, Jason! I just seen [sic] a kitten jump on the ground!" his friend exclaims. "You hear it? I just heard it jump in the water!"

"Oh, God, I bet somebody put 'em out," Jason, says.

The second kitten eventually makes it to the boat, and Jason pulled it in also.

"Well, there's a first time for everything, isn't there?" Jason jokes as he pets the cat.

You can watch the YouTube video of the cats' rescue above, or click here. (Warning: the video contains a small bit of language some viewers may find offensive.)