‘MasterChef Junior’: Daphne Oz dishes on FOX’s upcoming holiday special

Gordon Ramsay will welcome nine young culinary contestants to the "MasterChef" kitchen this holiday season. 

In the upcoming special, "MasterChef Junior: Home for the Holidays," the young chefs will cook up seasonal delights themed to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the Lunar New Year and more. 

"It is incredible what these cooks can come up with, and It's just beautiful," Daphne Oz, celebrity chef and a judge on the holiday special, told FOX Television Stations. "Actually, to get to see the range of traditions and the range of ways in which the holidays come to life for each of these kids – it's pretty special." 

Oz noted that seeing Ramsay’s interaction with the children this season has been "amazing."


Promotional photo for "MasterChef Junior: Home for the Holidays" on FOX (Credit: FOX)

"And one of the things I'm always struck by is that Gordon is naturally just a really playful, fun dad. And, I think ‘MasterChef Junior’ is the place where you see that come alive the most," she shared. "Because, he is the guy that's jumping on countertops with an octopus in his hands and throwing it in the alley. It's just that he really engages kids on their level and makes them realize that this is a learning experience."

Judges Ramsay, his daughter Tilly Ramsay, Oz and Aarón Sánchez will ultimately crown a winner, who will take home the ultimate holiday gift: a $25,000 grand prize, a Viking Kitchen package and a "MasterChef" snow globe trophy. 


Promotional photo of Daphne Oz, a judge on "MasterChef Junior: Home for the Holidays." (Credit: FOX)

"First and foremost, these kids are in the kitchen because they love to cook. They really, genuinely get a lot of fun and happiness and pleasure and creativity out when they're in the kitchen," the mom of four added. "So as opposed to when you're judging adults who may be trying to do this as their career, for the young home chefs on ‘MasterChef Junior’ you are egging them on in something that is like a pure passion play, and I think because of that they're so game to learn."

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 "MasterChef Junior; Home for the Holidays" will spice up the season during its two-night event on Sunday, December 10 and Monday, December 11 on FOX.

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