Maple Grove murder suspects released as officials continue investigation

Weeks after a man was found dead in a Maple Grove park and two suspects were released from jail, neighbors are trying to make sense of the disturbing events.

“There’s a lot of people that want to know what’s going on, especially living around here,” neighbor Matt Edison said.

On July 30, Dayton Carter Rossetti’s body was found near the walking path at Lakeview Knolls Park. Officials believe the fatal shooting was connected to a drug deal. 

Days later, two suspects were arrested during a traffic stop and later released.

“Why did they release them? If that’s not them, do they have any more suspects? What else is going on? We can speculate a lot of things,” Edison said.

The suspects, 20-year old Adrick Hare and 18-year old Arianna Sylvester, were released from jail without charges as prosecutors sought more evidence.

Officials said the case was strong enough against Hare and Sylvester to make an arrest on probable cause, but not enough to sustain formal charges in the courts beyond a reasonable doubt.

Richard Leroy, the pair’s attorney, insists Hare and Sylvester had nothing to do with the park shooting.

Leroy remains upset with law enforcement for what he claims was a broken promise to allow his clients to turn themselves in and then their refusal to let Leroy meet with the two once they were in custody.

Dayton Carter Rossetti, 26, was laid to rest in Alexandria a week ago, according to his online obituary. Those mourning his death have laid flowers in the park near the spot where he was found.

Investigators remain convinced his murder was related to criminal drug activity. They are focused on building their case against Hare and Sylvester and tell FOX 9 they are not looking for anyone else.