Bear chases dog, woman down Maple Grove driveway: Video

A Maple Grove woman and her dog are safe after an encounter with three bears outside her home on Tuesday night.

Home security camera footage shows Bailey Jacobson and her dog, Zeus, walking outside their home off Dunkirk Lane when they encounter three bears rummaging through the trash around 8 p.m. 

"Definitely not what I expected to see behind my trash can," Bailey said. "Obviously, I was petrified."

She then screamed, and the two smaller bears ran into the woods. The third bear, however, began to chase Zeus down the driveway. 

"I'm glad Zeus made the decision to go run," Bailey said.

Zeus then managed to get away from the bear when he rounded a bend, but footage shows the bear then turned and charged toward Bailey.

She said she then thought "Oh my gosh, the bear's coming for me now," before she then "made a beeline" for her home and managed to get inside.

The bear then turned and went back into the woods.

Bailey said this is the first time she's seen a bear on the property in the three years she's lived there. 

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources warns the public that if anyone encounters a bear that does not leave on its own, "boldly shout, bang pots, slam doors or throw something" in order to scare the bear away. Homeowners should also remove birdfeeders or other food sources that could attract bears.