Man throws dumbbell, furniture from apartment balcony at cars: Charges

A man is accused of throwing numerous objects off a Minneapolis apartment balcony onto people and traffic below on several occasions.

Michael Brett Judy, 29, of Minneapolis, is charged with two counts of first-degree destruction of property after police say he deliberately threw weights out of a ninth-floor apartment balcony onto vehicles below.

According to charges, on Jan. 3, at around 8 p.m. at 3rd Avenue South and Washington Avenue South, a table and chairs were located on the street underneath apartment 903 after police say a caller reported almost being struck by the falling furniture. After reviewing surveillance footage, at around 6:52 p.m. a cereal bowl also hit the hood of a sedan below, leaving a large dent on the hood. 

On Jan. 4, at around 11:51 p.m. and near the same location, an airport shuttle with a driver and seven passengers was driving north on 3rd Avenue South when a black dumbbell hit its roof, according to charges. The driver reported being "terrified" and a passenger stated the weight hit right above where he was sitting. 

Again surveillance footage showed a person moving on apartment 903’s balcony, according to police. The weight that was thrown was recovered from the street and found to be a black "INTEK" 3 pound dumbbell. 

Then on Jan. 5, a sedan was driving northbound on 3rd Avenue South when the victim’s windshield was smashed by a wine bottle, charges said. Again cameras observed movement on 903’s balcony prior to the windshield being broken, with the balcony door opening and closing. 

Minneapolis Police Department officers spoke with management of the apartment building, who identified the balcony as 903 and stated that the resident was recently served eviction paperwork from the residence.

Officers continued to monitor the area and observed Judy throw multiple more items over the railing of his balcony, including a cordless drill, a coffee maker, a coffee pot and a milk jug, charges said. 

According to police, Judy appeared to hide before and after throwing the items, purposefully targeting vehicles below as they passed on the street. 

A search warrant was obtained under the grounds of safety with the apartment balcony being approximately 115 feet above the ground.

After negotiation, Judy surrendered to the police and was taken into custody, charges said. 

Judy's next court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 6.