Man pleads guilty to murder for deadly Inver Grove Heights shooting

A man has pled guilty to murder for a deadly shooting in Inver Grove Heights that the suspect claimed escalated from a confrontation that started with a call for an "erotic massage."

Prosecutors say Logan Slack, age 25, pled guilty to a count of murder in the second degree.

The criminal complaint details the 911 call that led officers to the victim's home off Barbara Avenue in September 2022, in which the dispatcher heard the victim begging for help before being gunned down.

Police arrested Slack that night during a traffic stop a short distance from the crime scene, after a neighbor reported seeing an SUV pull away from the home shortly before police arrived.

In the charges against Slack, police said Slack told them he had dropped his co-defendant, Fotini Anest West, off at the home to perform an "erotic massage". However, Slack claimed that the victim had assaulted West and cancelled payment for the massage.

Slack claimed, after West had come out of the residence, the pair went back in, with Slack carrying a gun from his SUV. Breaking through a back door, Slack said the victim ran into the bathroom and locked the door. Slack said he broke a hole in the door.

The charges state Slack said the victim called 911 and later reached through the hole and grabbed West. At that point, according to the complaint, Slack said he fired his revolver.

Inside Slack's SUV, officers said they found the revolver and the victim's cell phone.

Prosecutors say Slack will be sentenced in May for the killing. West is set to appear in court next month. Her case is still pending.