Man in custody after stealing squad, leading police chase in Oakdale, Minn.

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To stop a man driving a stolen Oakdale police squad vehicle, officers used a PIT maneuver. Photo Courtesy: Oakdale Police Department

A 21-year-old man is in custody after he stole a squad car and led police on a chase Monday morning in Oakdale, Minnesota.

According to Oakdale police, around 10:23 a.m., officers received a report of a man assaulting a child at Walton Park on Hadley Avenue North. Responding officers then spotted a car traveling recklessly through the park and tried to pull the driver over. The suspect didn't stop and proceeded to speed on Hadley Avenue.

The suspect crashed into a garage at the 6900 block of 27th Street North, got out of the car and ran away. At one point, the suspect brandished an object and "displayed it similar to a firearm, demanding officers to shoot." Officers identified the object as a cell phone.

The suspect did not comply with commands and continued to run.

According to police, while officers were chasing the suspect, he got into a parked marked squad car and drove off. Authorities from multiple agencies followed the suspect for about 10 minutes until he was stopped by Woodbury police, who used a PIT maneuver at the 6500 block of 15th Street North.

The suspect then ran away again, but police finally stopped him at the 6500 block of 15th Street Circle after using a Taser. The suspect received minor injuries and was transported to the hospital.

Police say the reported assault of a child in the park was determined to be a woman who knew the suspect.

Three officers received minor injuries during the pursuit.