Man charged with murder 30 years after case goes cold

After 30 years, charges in a  St. Paul cold case murder.

Michael Withers was charged Thursday for the murder of a St. Paul woman in 1987, according to St. Paul Police. The charges were the result of a yearlong cold case review, and additional DNA tests matching Withers to evidence from the scene.

In February 1987, St. Paul Police recovered Lillian Kuller's body from her duplex in the Macalaster-Groveland neighborhood. She was found in her bedroom with a pillow over her head. Her home showed signs of a burglary.

Detectives at the time were unable to identify a suspect.

In 2010, forensic tests of the evidence revealed the DNA of two individuals: Withers and another woman. The woman declined involvement.

Fast-forward to 2017, Y-chromosome tests strengthened the DNA evidence gathered previously. In March, the test came back positive as a match for Withers.

Withers is currently serving in the Stillwater prison for two 2014 burglary charges. He is scheduled to appear in court this month.