Man charged after attacking landlord with axe in Brooklyn Park

Photo Courtesy: Hennepin County Jail

A Brooklyn Park man is now charged after allegedly attacking his landlord with an axe at a Brooklyn Park home.

Samuel Omwando Nyaboga, 45, is charged with second degree murder and second degree assault with a dangerous weapon.

Tuesday around 11:50 a.m., police responded to an assault in the 8400 block of Kentucky Court North in Brooklyn Park. When they arrived, they found a woman with "substantial" head wounds laying in the yard bleeding.

Investigators say the woman had bought the home and Nyaboga was one of her tenants. Nyaboga was behind on his rent payments and she had started the process of evicting him.

A witness told police the woman arrived at the home and asked if Nyaboga was home. He told her he was in his room. The witness saw her go to his door and knock.

Nyaboga opened the door and attacked her with an axe, hitting her in the head. As she ran away, he started to follow her but stopped, threatening to kill the witness. Then, Nyaboga chased the woman out of the home and struck her multiple times in the head with the axe. He went back inside, saying "he killed the lady."

Police later found Nyaboga and arrested him.

Police learned the woman suffered a depressed skull fracture, multiple scalp and face lacerations, and blood pooling on the brain. She faces possible permanent brain damage or even death.