Man arrested after shooting at a 'zombie,' almost hit man sleeping

A North St. Paul man was arrested after he tried to shoot at what he claims was a “zombie” and almost hit a man sleeping in his home.

On Saturday, police were called to the 1900 block of Memory Lane in North St. Paul on a report of a gun shot fired into a house.

The homeowner said he was sleeping when he woke up to the sound of a gunshot and heard glass breaking in his room.

According to a criminal complaint 24-year-old Ryan Stanislaw was walking in the area with a rifle slung over his neck and told polices, “I’m out here making sure my neighborhood is safe. I didn’t see the cops so I figured I’d do something.”

Stanislaw said he was shooting at someone walking up the road and claimed it was a “zombie.”

In September, Stanislaw was convicted of terroristic threats and is not allowed to possess a firearm.

According to the complaint, Stanislaw’s mother says he doesn’t have a history of mental illness.