Man and young daughter chased, windows smashed near Arcola Bridge

A father and his 9-year-old daughter are still shaken after a frightening encounter on the road late Saturday night.  They said someone in another car chased them and smashed their rear window.

Police are trying to find the person who broke the rear window of a moving car near the Arcola Bridge off the shores of Lake Minnetonka. The victim, Sean Reese, believes someone shot at his vehicle.

“Kind of proves that it can happen anywhere,” Reese said.

Heading west on County Road 15, Reese and his young daughter got caught up in a game of cat and mouse around 11 p.m. when they encountered a highly customized sports car in front of them.

“They'd let me catch up with them and they'd take off again,” Reese said.

For the next four miles, he said the driver of the sports car taunted and intimidated them. Someone in the passenger side even flashed a strobe light in his face.

“It was instant fear for my daughter,” he said.  “It was random, it wasn't like it was provoked.”

Reese said the driver of the sports car eventually pulled over to the side of the road, allowed him to pass, but then started to follow.

“It was intentional, they were doing it as a game,” he said.

Once he got near the Arcola Bridge with his daughter, a loud bang forced them off the road. And his daughter screamed “daddy they’re shooting at us.”

Police are now trying to find the person who destroyed their back window. It’s a miracle that neither of them was hurt. Reese briefly chased the sports car on to a nearby street, but lost them at a split in the road.

At this point, investigators say there are no leads.  It's hard to tell if it was actually a gun shot that broke the window, since they haven't been able to find a bullet. But Reese hopes people keep a look out for the distinct sports car so it doesn’t happen again.

The highly customized car was silver blue, with a loud exhaust, tinted windows, and LED lights.

“I hope it’s just punk kids, and not someone viciously trying to hurt someone,” Reese said.