Lyuba Savenok reported abuse to family, church before murder

Lyuba Savenok’s public Facebook page paints a picture of a beautiful, loving and proud mom to her two children. Her family has reported the 23-year old was pregnant with a third child, a son, when she was stabbed to death inside her Eden Prairie, Minn. home Saturday morning.

The man allegedly responsible for the murder is her own husband, Yeveginy “Eugene” Savenok. UPDATE – Murder charges filed against Eugene Savenok

According to court documents, the apparent violent outburst inside the Park Circle home was not the first between the couple. Lyuba had an order for protection order against Eugene in Wheaton, Illinois, where the couple once lived.  The order for protection, filed in DuPage County, lists the following incidents:

Aug. 1, 2014: "Hit me during sex. I yelled, pushed him off and called the police. He broke a window out of rage."

Aug. 10, 2014: "Wrestled and hit me repeatedly (45 min), left bruises and bloody nose."

Aug. 25, 2014: "Pulled me up by the hair."

Aug. 27, 2014: "With the increase of incidents and the severity of them, I’ve gotten his parents and my parents involved as well as our church. I overheard him talking to his dad on the phone yesterday, telling him that the only way this will end is me in the hospital or him in jail. He has taken freedoms away from me such as my phone and my forms of identification, as well as use of our cars to keep me feeling alone and helpless and scared. He doesn’t intend on stopping and I don’t know when to expect his next outlash and its very emotionally difficult to live under the pressure."

Eugene Savenok was facing a trial next week on a couple of misdemeanor charges related to domestic abuse. In August 2015, Eden Prairie police arrived at the house after a 9-1-1 call. Lyuba told them her husband had hit her and she had bruises on her back to prove it. The court documents also detail verbal abuse directed at his wife that included swearing in front of their two kids. City prosecutors charged Eugene Savenok with two counts, and a settlement conference was scheduled for Tuesday in the case -- the same day murder charges will now likely be filed.

'It happens in every community'

The executive director at Minnesota’s Battered Women Coalition said that it has to be a community effort to prevent violence in the home.

“We hear over and over again that people are surprised this has happened in my community, in Eden Prairie,” Liz Richards said. “It’s common. So what we do know is it happens in every community.”

How you can help

A GoFundMe page has raised $37,000 to help with funeral expenses and funds for the two young children left behind. The two children are staying with family.