Lost phone finds a great person on Highway 61

Need proof that honesty and kindness still exist in this world? The latest example comes from the Twin Cities north metro, where a woman left her phone on top of her car while making a grocery run with her kids.

“My friend Jill left her phone on top of her car while getting her kids in their car seats and this happened,” Kelly Ann said in a Facebook message to Fox 9. “This is proof that there are still good, honest people in the world.”

Jill was driving from Wyoming, Minnesota to the grocery store in Forest Lake when she lost the phone. The phone eventually ended up on Highway 61, but it was found by the right person and returned to its rightful owner.

The note says: “Hi, I found this on 61. Called your mom, she gave me the house number. My name is Jim. If you have any questions, call me at _______. Have a wonderful day.”

Thanks for being a great person Jim!