Loose dogs bite 4 people outside Montevideo Middle School

Image: Montevideo PD

Three staff members and one student were bitten by two dogs that were running loose Friday morning outside Montevideo Middle School, police said.

Montevideo police said the incident happened at about 7:30 a.m. Police said the injuries were minor, with the most severe being a puncture injury to the achilles area of a teacher and a puncture injury to the hand of a student.

Officers identified the owner, who lives about 5 blocks from the school, and suspect the owner allows his dogs to run loose. The dogs were not licensed.

“In this case a child was holding one of the dogs back with his bike,” Montevideo police said. “When an officer arrived it turned and went after him. Because the dogs were severely injured, they were put to sleep. We have euthanized other dogs in the past that have been classified as ‘dangerous dogs.’”