Lois Riess now faces extradition to Minnesota, Florida

Lois Riess, the Minnesota grandmother arrested last week for the alleged murder of her husband and another woman in Florida, signed an extradition waiver in a Texas court Monday and will travel to face charges in whatever state arrives to pick her up first.

She was taken into custody on nearby South Padre Island Thursday after a tipster recognized her sitting at a seafood restaurant, ending a 10-day manhunt that garnered international media attention.

According to a spokesperson for Cameron County, Texas, both states' authorities now have 10 days to transport Riess. She is wanted in Minnesota for one count of larceny and in Florida for murder, criminal use of identification, larceny and grand theft auto.

Authorities believe she shot and killed her husband last month at their Blooming Prairie home, stealing $11,000 from one of his bank accounts before leaving town and resurfacing at an Iowa casino. Local authorities later dubbed her "Losing Streak Lois" in reference to her gambling addiction. 

Police also connected Riess to the murder of Pamela Hutchinson, 59, in Fort Myers two weeks ago, saying she was seen on surveillance video driving her car shortly thereafter. They believe Riess targeted Hutchinson because of their similar appearance and killed her to assume her identity.

She fled southwest Florida in Hutchinson’s car and made her way along the Gulf Coast before being apprehended in Texas, just a short drive from the U.S.-Mexico border. Authorities later discovered two pistols in her motel room.