List of cities that made it to freezing before Minneapolis

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No doubt this fall has been unusually warm. Minneapolis-St. Paul STILL has not hit the freeze mark, with the lowest temperature so far this fall at our official climate site of MSP Airport now at 34 degrees. But many other cities across the country have already frozen, well in advance of the Twin Cities, which is obviously not usually the case.  

The list of cities above is just a few of the spots that have hit the freeze mark before Minneapolis. Denver and Omaha actually froze back in October, but most of the other cities have hit these temps in the last couple of weeks.  

Still though, it is quite the feat to be colder than the Twin Cities considering we are typically one of the colder bigger cities in the country. 

I also added the map with the official climate locations in the Upper Midwest.  Every colored dot on that map is a location that has hit freezing, and then the color indicates the time frame that it struck the mark.  The black dots are the official climate spots that have not hit the freeze mark yet, with MSP Airport as the lone holdout in the state of Minnesota.

But you can see very well for yourself, we are by far the furthest north location to not hit the freeze mark. And from our list, even places in Texas and the Carolinas have managed to get there. CRAZY!