Linden Hills residents sound off about Minneapolis 2040 plan

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There's concern in southwest Minneapolis’ Linden Hills neighborhood about the city's plan for the future.

The plan is known as Minneapolis 2040 and it's been getting plenty of criticism from residents who worry about the impact it will have on their neighborhood.

“I saw Linden Hills grow up, before Linden Hills was Linden Hills,” said a resident commenter at the community event Wednesday night.   

Residents in Linden Hills sounded off against the city’s 2040 plan in the meeting.

“I will tell you this will never work without drastic changes,” said one Linden Hills resident.

The plan will guide land use and policy ideas for the next two decades. It calls for changes that would transform the city’s landscape is again facing pushback.

“I’m telling you, there’s a limit when you fill the city,” another speaker said.

After receiving thousands of complaints this summer, last month, Minneapolis planners began releasing detailed revisions. Some of the changes call for rezoning residential areas to allow for up to three-unit properties.

Four-story buildings are proposed to go up along busy bus lines and there’s an emphasis on public transit.

In a community of single-family homes, many residents fear that Linden Hills stands to lose a lot.

“Parking for some of these places?” asked one resident about the plan for multi-family housing units. “People are not going to give up their cars.”

Facing growing dissent, city leaders will continue to gather feedback as the future of Minneapolis 2040 remains up for debate.

“If I take a bus here, it’s like an hour and half versus a 15 minute drive,” a resident said of the commute downtown. “That means there’s not enough public transportation options. I support the density, I applaud you. I just wish that we could have went higher.”

“Somewhere along the line, behind all of this, is somebody making money if it’s contractors, developers, somebody, and it’s sure as hell isn’t us,” another resident said.