Laundrie family's lawyer blows off steam after Brian Laundrie's remains are found: 'I'm upset, I'm angry'

Steven Bertolino, the attorney for Brian Laundrie and his parents, gave an animated TV interview on Thursday just half an hour after the FBI confirmed that human remains found in a nature reserve near the family's home belonged to his client.

"I’m upset, I’m angry, and for the last four hours I’ve been dealing with — I just have to call it nonsense," Bertolino told NewsNation on Thursday. 

The attorney, who has represented the Laundries since mid-September, took shots at the media, the public and protesters outside of the family's North Port, Florida, home. 

"They're extremely upset, and for some unknown reason, there are still people outside of their home, yelling and screaming and causing a ruckus, which any parent grieving the loss of a child should not have to deal with," Bertolino said. 


Brian Laundrie left his family's home on Sept. 13 for the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park and his parents reported him missing to police four days later. 

An extensive weeks-long search ensued at Myakkahatchee and the nearby 24,000-acre Carlton Reserve but police did not find any sign of the fugitive, who was wanted on alleged debit card fraud and a person of interest in the homicide of his former fiancee, Gabby Petito

On Wednesday morning, Chris and Roberta Laundrie went to Myakkahatchee themselves and assisted a pair of law enforcement officers in searching for Laundrie in an area that they said he would frequent. 

After less than an hour, some of Brian's belongings were found next to human remains, which the FBI confirmed were Brian after comparing dental records. 

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Bertolino called the idea that the Laundries planted Brian's remains and belongings in the park "bull----" on Thursday. 

"If you've got the FBI, the local PD, an independent news reporter, all there at the same time seeing the same thing, you've got quote-unquote surveillance of the Laundries 24/7 by protesters and members of the press, when did you think these items were planted?" Bertolino said Thursday. 

"Did you really think the Laundries had skeletal remains of their son in a plastic bag and brought them to the preserve? Do you realize how ludicrous that is, how aggravating, how maddening it is to even hear those things?"

Fox News Digital's Michael Ruiz tailed the Laundries and two law enforcement officers into Myakkahatchee on Wednesday morning. Chris and Roberta located a white bag and another item a few yards off the trail, while the law enforcement officers found a notebook, backpack, and Brian's remains nearby. 


Michael McPherson, special agent in charge of the FBI's Tampa field office, said Wednesday the items "were found in an area that, up until recently, had been underwater."

Bertolino said that he agreed to work with the Laundries after Chris called him in mid-September when the family started getting calls from law enforcement. The attorney had known Brian since he was an "infant" but only knew him as "the child of a friend of mine."

"I’m sure he was a good kid just like every parent says their kid is a good kid," Bertolino said Thursday. 

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