Landscaper hopes to channel creativity into relief for Puerto Rico

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A corner of the Shire lives on the corner of Hoyt Avenue West in St. Paul.

Quentin Nguyen has created a new world with moss and sculptures on his front lawn, a world people come from far and wide to see for themselves.

"There's really nothing I don't like about the things he does, you know?" Nguyen's neighbor Diane Sewell said. "I just love his creativity."

Perhaps most impressive is that it's all done without chemicals, winning high praise from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Now, Nguyen is using the notoriety he's gained as a result to raise money for victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, launching a GoFundMe account in the days after the storm razed the American territory.

"I love to make other people happy, and this is something I can do," he said. "[I want to] remind people to do something nice to each other, especially in this situation."

He's also offering small clumps of his Scotch moss for anyone who donates. All of the money he raises will go to a Catholic charity that is conducting relief on the island.