Lakeville police busted porch pirate with 80+ items

Lakeville police say they busted a porch pirate this month that targeted 30 people during the holiday season.

According to officers, on Nov. 29, they got two reports of a package thief in a Lakeville neighborhood. A suspect vehicle was reported but no arrest was made. Until, days later, on Dec. 4, when police say the thief was active again in Lakeville.

This time, officers were able to track down the vehicle and question the suspect. According to the department, the woman admitted to stealing mail and packages. Officers say they searched the vehicle and found more than 80 items and later identified 30 victims.

"Over the past few weeks, we have contacted all the victims and returned recovered property to them," the department writes in a Facebook post. "A lot of teamwork and time went into this case, but well worth it to take a 'porch pirate' off the Lakeville streets this holiday season!"