Lakeville family searching for horse they fear was stolen

Jack the Horse (FOX 9)

A Lakeville family is looking for help to find their horse that they worry may have been stolen.

The horse, named Jack, has been missing since Sunday. At best, the horse is just lost, but it's possible it was stolen and the owners are praying they can bring him home.

The owners say sometime between 10:30 p.m. Saturday night and 6:30 a.m. Sunday, Jack and another horse named "Cowboy" got out. Cowboy was found two miles down the road but Jack was never found.

"He’s a little smaller than Cowboy and his footprints are smaller and that’s the tracks we found east, or west of here," said Jack's owner Nathan Shaw. "And they ended where? At the highway a couple hundred yards from here."

The Shaws say it’s possible but unlikely the pair was able to get out of the locked gate and then simply went their separate ways. They think Jack was stolen.

The Shaws, neighbors and community members have been searching since Sunday, driving, walking and on horseback.