Lake Street business owners hope for healing after verdict

In Minneapolis, business owners say they are looking forward to a fresh start after the Derek Chauvin trial.

Hundreds of small businesses were destroyed in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death and one owner says she is looking forward to the healing process.

Fateemah Ampey, the owner of Suite Spot Salon, watched her Lake Street community suffer as many businesses struggled to stay open through a health crisis. The following civil unrest led to businesses boarding up, which has created anxiety for her and her peers.

"As a small business owner, I wear a lot of hats as far as the impact that this has had on me," Ampey said.

To deal with the pent-up emotions, she stepped up and called on neighboring businesses and residents to help plant flowers on the sidewalk last year to remind people the community would bounce back.

"I feel extreme optimism for our community," she added.

Now, she is more hopeful than ever the Lyn-Lake community will come back to life after the trial.

She says while there’s still work to do in the fight for racial justice, the verdict is a step forward in a neighborhood she calls vibrant and energetic to heal.

"As far as this community goes," she said. "I feel super excited about the possibility of new beginnings."

Ampey adds that she has plans on doing another beautification project this year, but the next thing she’s excited for is the boarding in the area coming down.