Kids call early snow 'natural Minnesota' and a 'magical day'

While many adults weren't too happy to see Tuesday's early snow, plenty of kids were ready to jump into the yard and build snowmen and even festive "pumpkins."

FOX 9 found kids out sledding at Valley Place Park in Crystal, all embracing the fresh snow. 

“Well, it’s just like nostalgic weather," T Fadalla said. "It brings back good memories. It makes you want to go back inside after playing out in the snow with a cup of cocoa and a bowl of chili." 

“It’s a magical day because there’s snow, and it’s October. And it shouldn’t be snowing right now because it’s supposed to be leaves everywhere, but we got a miracle,” Henry Cronin said. 

“With Corona, everything is shut down and all that, so the winter just brings a ton of new opportunities to do,” Griffen Wendt said. 

Some, like Dillion Williams, enjoy the way the way the snow tastes. 

“It’s like cotton candy,” she said. 

By Tuesday evening, much of the Twin Cities metro had seen more than 7 inches of snow, including 9 inches in Burnsville. This is the earliest Minnesota's seen 3+ inches of snow in its recorded history.