Jeep owners take stuffed duck on cross-country relay road trip for St. Jude's fundraiser

A stuffed animal duck is taking a cross-country journey, all for a good cause. Starting in Missouri, "Mr. Vanderquack" has now gone through seven states already, stopping by most recently in Minnesota.

It's become a trend for Jeep owners to leave rubber ducks on other Jeeps, typically with a note. Called "ducking" that became the inspiration for this current charity event. Now, Jeep owners in all 50 states are taking turns giving a special passenger a ride on a cross-country duck relay.

A duck has been a symbol in the Jeep community and now, Jeep owners in all 50 states are taking turns giving a special passenger a ride.

"It's been quite the experience. I get a lot of looks driving down the road with him seat belted in next to me."

For the last couple of days, a 20-inch tall stuffed animal named Mr. Vanderquack has been riding shotgun with Angie Fisher in Big Lake.

She's taken him out to dinner at the tipsy chicken and to work at Wright County as part a cross-country convoy by Jeep owners to raise money for St. Jude's Children's cancer research.

"When I brought him to dinner people wanted to give him hugs and take pictures with him. I brought him to work and he was kind of taking charge of the office that day."

Mr. Vanderquack started in St. Louis at the beginning of the month, and so far he's traveled across the Midwest posing for pictures at local landmarks with a GPS device inside so people can track his trip.

"I know people have taken him out to Jeep dealerships, breakfast. He's had sleepovers. He gets all tucked in. There's a lot of different experiences that he's had."

When his two-month journey is over, Mr. Vanderquack will have covered 50,000 miles across all 50 states and raised at least $25,000. Fisher has no problem helping ruffle a few feathers if it is for a good cause.

"It's been entertaining. It's been a really great experience and would love to do something like this every year."