Injured motorcyclist claims he was intentionally hit near Prior Lake, sheriff investigating

A young motorcyclist is recovering from his injuries after he claims he was intentionally struck from behind by a car Sunday night outside Prior Lake, Minn.

And as bad as Grant Skluzacek’s injuries look, he says they could have been much worse.

“A lot of road rash – my leg and knee, my other leg … If I wasn’t wearing all that gear, I probably wouldn’t be here," Skluzacek said. "There’s a nice gash in my helmet, and that would have been my head if I wasn’t wearing it."

The 18-year-old was heading home to Prior Lake on his Yamaha V Star 650 Classic Sunday night when he said he noticed a car behind him just off Interstate 35 and 185th Street west of Lakeville. Before he knew it, Skluzacek was on the ground.

“He got up close to me, then he backed off," he said. "I thought he turned. The lights went off then they came back on, I heard the engine and then I was rolling."

Skluzacek said the car rammed him from behind, throwing him from his bike before rolling over the hood and ending up in the road.

“I rolled a lot and when I got up that car was gone," he said. "And from the spot that I was sitting, you can see into the valley about a mile, so he’s got to be booking it."

A piece of the suspect’s bumper was found wedged underneath Skluzacek’s motorcycle. The sheriff's office has located the car, a blue 1999 Honda Accord DX, but no arrests have been made. 

“The driver had an obligation to stay at the scene until the authorities arrived,” said Scott County Sheriff Luke Hennen. “Everyone on the road has a responsibility to drive safely and nobody deserves to be abandoned on the side of the road with injuries.”  

Skluzacek said he didn’t have any confrontation with the driver prior to the incident.

“There wasn’t any yelling. There was nothing before that, he just hit me off the road,” Skluzacek said. “It happened to me, it could happen to somebody else. And I think if I wasn’t wearing that full body outfit, it would have been my last day on earth.”

The Scott County sheriff’s office is asking for help identifying and locating the suspect. Those with information are encouraged to contact the Scott County sheriff’s office at (952) 496-8132.