IKEA renting tiny home in Tokyo for less than $1 per month

If you don’t need much space, IKEA has the perfect home for you — and you won’t have to break the bank to afford it.

The Swedish furniture retailer is offering Tokyo residents a chance to live in a 107-square-foot tiny home in the city’s Shinjuku district. Rent will cost 99 yen, which is equivalent to 88 cents in the United States.

The home gives its residents easy access to Tokyo’s city center and comes full of IKEA’s small space living solutions. As part of the campaign, IKEA has released a series of videos featuring its iconic shark mascot BLAHAJ. 

The third episode features a tour of the home as well as possible furniture configurations.

"IKEA has solutions and items perfect for coordinating small spaces," IKEA said. "Real estate agent BLÅHAJ will work with the IKEA Interior Design Team to transform an actual apartment in the city into a happy home. Once it is ready, we will be looking for an actual tenant to rent out the tiny home."

Applicants must create an IKEA Family profile to sign up. IKEA began accepting applications on Nov. 24 and will be open to IKEA Family members until Jan. 15, 2023.

This story was reported from Atlanta.