‘I feel violated’: Mother says school officials notified her weeks after investigation involving son began

A Twin Cities mother is calling for transparency after she says her son’s school district just notified her of an alleged maltreatment case involving her son that happened weeks ago.

“I’m hurt, I feel hopeless, I feel violated,” said Kirsten Lindsey, the student’s mother.

Lindsey is begging Roseville Area Schools for details about what took place in her son’s second grade classroom at Harambee Elementary earlier this fall.

“I really want to ensure that my child is safe,” said Lindsey. “These are people I leave my child with every day.”

Lindsey says she just found out Thursday that there was some type of encounter between her seven-year-old and his teacher back in September. She says the incident may have involved the teacher putting her hands on the child.

In an email, the district has acknowledged receiving a complaint from someone, telling FOX 9 the matter remains under investigation and that the educator in question is currently not teaching.

“While our investigation is underway, we are limited in what information we can share,” read the school district’s statement in part. “Data privacy law will guide what information is available to the public.”

FOX 9 also learned the issue has made its way to the Minnesota Department of Education and the Maplewood Police Department.

“You have no right to put your hands on anyone’s child,” said Lindsey. “I’m a concerned parent. I’m concerned for other parents with children in the school and they’re not aware of what’s going on.”

Lindsey, who claims to be extremely active and involved at the school, isn’t only upset about the possibility a teacher may have put hands on her son, she is baffled as to why district officials didn’t tell her sooner.

“All I’ve asked is for them to provide me with documents and be transparent and let me know if the teacher will be back in the classroom,” she said.

Leaders with Roseville Area Schools say the investigation remains ongoing.

“Maintaining a safe learning environment for our students is our most important responsibility," read the statement. "Our families entrust their children to us, and we take very seriously any complaint that a child may have been harmed while in our care.”