Hurricane Ian: Minnesota natives in Florida prepare to ride out storm

With Minnesota's harsh winters, it's no surprise Florida is a popular place for Minnesotans to vacation, retire in, and move to. Those who traded the North Star State for the Sunshine State spoke with FOX 9 about how they're preparing for Hurricane Ian.

John and Mary Robinson spent a good portion of their lives in the Bold North.

"We spent half of our lives freezing to death in northern Minnesota, so it's a little bit different than a winter storm," said John.

Living in Palm Harbor, Florida now, they started preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Ian last week, covering their windows and lowering their pool levels in anticipation of the wind and the rain. They're planning on moving to higher ground ahead of the storm, along with millions of others.

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"Lines at the gas station are astronomical and there's no water left on shelves. In these kinds of scenarios, you always have to prepare that it is hitting you," said John.

Minnesota native Nels Hinderlie and his family were forced to evacuate their home in Dunedin, Florida on Tuesday morning. After living in Florida for a few years, they've already had a taste of hurricane season.

"We went through our first hurricane last summer. It was actually called Hurricane Elsa, which is pretty funny because Elsa is the name of our second daughter," said Hinderlie.

Still, he says he would take a snowstorm over a tropical storm any day.

"With snowstorms, I might be stuck at my house not able to go anywhere, but I can go outside and play and sit by the fire and not be too concerned...with this, we had to board up our house our windows, and stuff," said Hinderlie.