Hot, dry weather causes low water levels on Prior Lake

As the weather gets hot, people flock to Charlie's on Prior for food and fun just steps from the water.

"We have our dockers who can help (boaters) bring coolers out or bring trash in and it's a great way to get out on the lake and trust your boat is safe," manager Kyle Nordling told FOX 9.

But when temperatures start rising, the staff becomes a little more cautious, especially in their marina. Lake levels haven't impacted operations so far, but dock crews are still checking the water daily.

"[The lake] seems to be lower. Usually, we don't have this much of a beach... We are always checking to make sure it's safe," Nordling said.

A map recently released by the Prior Lake Association shows several areas on the lake where water levels are dangerously low, and boaters should avoid.

It's all a part of a larger dry pattern that's sweeping across parts of the state with several counties in the abnormally dry zone.

FOX 9 Meteorologist Cody Matz says parts of the metro are about 3 inches behind when it comes to rainfall, but other parts of the state have been very wet.

In the summer months, it seems there's just not an in between when it comes to moisture.

"You either get a lot [of rain] or you get nothing and right now, the Twin Cities and parts of central Minnesota haven't had significant rain in four to five weeks. You go north of [Interstate] 94, and it's a totally separate ball game," Matz said.

The Twin Cities metro saw an average spring and now, the area needs some showers.

"Now that we've gone...weeks without any rainfall, we've had a lot of sun and it's been hot, now, all of a sudden, the grass is brown, and things are drying up...we need water, and we just aren't getting it," said Matz.