Hopkins PD distributes holiday cash to families in need

Santa stopped by the Hopkins Police Department early this year and he dropped off a pretty sweet cash donation: $500. The department made sure all that loot went to families in need.

“We had a donor come forward and wanted to make cash donations to different families in Hopkins who maybe in need of it during the holiday times,” Sgt. Mike Glassberg said.

That cash brought copious amounts of joy to Rosa Zavala and her three children.

“As a single mom, I know it's hard. We have good times and we have bad times and to have these people thinking about these families at christmas time, it's a lot. I don't have any words to say what it means to me,” she said.

The cash donation was dropped off at the police station on Monday, and with help from the Minnesota Youth Community and Hopkins Resource West Police, they chose several families and personally delivered the cash.

“Some have been victims of crimes, some are just having financial difficulties for whatever reason and they were identified as most in need,” Sgt. Glassberg said.

Another envelope of joy went to father of two, Roy Roberts.

“Never had police officers come to my door. That's good as well, you know, but to see them bring gifts with a smile, it's always wonderful,” he said.

As for Roy's plans for the cash?

“It goes to the kids!” he laughed.